Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Community Triumph

Not only did my team, the mighty PBS/RRR Megahurtz (a combined team of broadcasters from two of Melbourne's leading community radio stations) win a mighty victory over the villainous Espy Rockdogs (a ragtag assembly of Melbourne musicians) at St Kilda's Junction Oval on Sunday afternoon, but we raised over $165,000 for the Sacred Heart Mission in astounding display of community spirit.

In a dazzling display of courage, flair and - very occasionally - skill, we kicked our way to victory after trailing in the first half of the game. At the after party, held at the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel, the Megahurtz were again triumphant, defeating the Rockdogs twice in one day, this time in a DJ battle. On the field I was most effective as a tagger, and on the decks, paired with PBS's 'Flying' Phil Egan, we showed the Rockdogs who was boss. ;-)

I'm now stiff, sore, bruised and have discovered muscles I never knew I had, but it's all worth it. The sense of pride and achievment at the afterparty was intoxicating - a natural euphoria that came from a magnifient display of true community spirit.

What a day. What a magnificent bloody day. Congratulations to all involved.

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Adam said...

I want photos of you in your guernsey, Richard. On this blog. When convenient.